Much to change so must get started

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Hi there,

Well, as promised, this is my second day for the postadaychallenge2011. I’ve decided that even though they have given posts to give ideas, I do no need to use them yet, maybe when my life is where I want it to be, then I may need to use them.

So, after my first post, I decided that I didn’t really go into that much information about what I had to change. I thought I would do a quick overview on what needed to happen. I think it needs to be done to actually put it into perspective so here goes.


  • Motivation: I lack a lot of motivation to do anything. My procrastination levels scare me sometimes. I will generally find something else to do even if what I want/need to do is fun. This is one of the big changes I need to do. Posting on this Blog allows me to show that I can do something even if I don’t want to sometimes.
  • Housework: Yes, nobody really likes doing it unless they are some sort of clean freak or generally like order. I don’t mind  mess, in fact I will be the first to admit that I live in a world of mess. Not just untidy but sometimes generally unclean states. Yes, this is bad, unhealthy and generally disgusting, I know this and even with this in my mind, it just gets put to the side. I am however changing it. I cleaned today, my living room looks different, it still needs work but it got hoovered and that is a big improvement.
  • Unhealthy diet/lifestyle: I am not healthy, not really one bit but I have started walking to the shops when I need to go rather than taking the bus, even when it rains. This also doubles as a money saver but for the laziness fact, it is a good thing too. I will also start going swimming again after a bit of a winter break, I need to get fit. I will also try riding a bike more. It is still a bit cold outside so I might freeze to death but on warmer days/nights, bike riding would be handy.


  • I currently lack a job or career choice. I know I would like to end up teaching but whilst I try to aim for that, I need to find somewhere that I fit into. I want it to pay well enough for me to be happy. That does not mean millions nor even a huge amount of thousands but I would like to be safe in the knowledge my bills will be paid and I can eat and still maybe go out once in a blue moon. I don’t think that is much to ask.
  • Things the company needs to offer: Friendly colleagues who do not lie to you. Yes, I know what you are thinking. You cannot get that, people lie no matter how friendly they seem. I know this, I have first hand of the results  however, it is nice to think you can trust these people. Tha shouldn’t be a request, that should be already there.
  • I want a job that makes me smile. I want to be happy to go there and want to be there the next day. I even will go so far to say that I want to look forward to Monday mornings because the place, people, stuff you do makes you that happy. Again, it may not be a given but why can’t that happen? Why should I have to do something that makes me feel crap? I shouldn’t and neither should you.


  • I want a man who makes me laugh, cry with happiness, shares his sadness and loves me for who I am. He doesn’t want me to change, in fact he encourages me to be the best of what I am. He wants a family and future with me and when our children grow up, he wants to wait out his years with me until we both fade away to the happy place. If you know him, please let him know I am here, waiting for him. I am patient but seriously, any time now would be great 🙂
  • To be honest, that kind of sums him up. He can be anyone, look like anything but past loves tell me he will probably be white and ginger. I am all about the ginger. No idea why but that’s me and my tastes.


  • This gets a topic all by itself because it deserves one. I love to write, I want to published and maybe, some day, even be the next booker prize winner, who knows. All I can say is that if I don’t try, all I have is a dream which will never be tried for. I want the big movies deals and the fame and the forums which have giant followings because they think my book is lame. It means my writing is out there, it is being seen, it is in the limelight. It’s on the list of banned books because people think it is wrong. I want all that and more and I am not ashamed to say it. Of course there is a bigger possibility that I wont get that but stop knocking my dream!

Anyway, I think that covers almost everything that needs to be changed for me. It isn’t that much really and maybe some mix in with others but it all needs to change. I’m glad I want to do it, I think it means I’m growing up, becoming what I should be and I like the feeling of it.


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