Busy day today but something I missed

Positive Thoughts by jdblundell

Hi there,

I think it will be a quick post today. I wanted to mention something that I forgot to say. I’m like that, I can forget to say things until it is too late. Anyway, something that you should know about me, maybe even a few things.

I have chronic acid reflux. Last summer, I was unable eat. I couldn’t swallow anything, could barely drink water and after a while, I was very unwell. It was a scary time for me but I was admitted into hospital, they fixed me and I was released after five days. Anyway, I am on tablets now, well, dissolvable one’s and at the moment, I can generally munch anything I want. I did however lose almost three stone, around 20 so kg’s. A lot of weight in just three months. I still can’t eat anything that may become stringy such as bacon or some stringy veg or something.

Something else you should know is that whilst in the hospital, some people from the hospital radio came round, looking fr donations. Anyway, after a bit of a chat, I decided to sign up and help so that’s what I did. I go in nearly every Wednesday and do a radio show. Well, at the moment I am doing training which means I share a show with a regular but soon I should have my own show. I love the idea of being able to cheer up people with music. I love music, it makes me feel so better and I’m hoping I can do the same for other people.

So yeah, that is two things you know about me. One makes me feel good, the other can make me feel a bit bad but I wouldn’t have one without the other so it’s okay. This is a positive and quick post from me today. So I’ll be back tomorrow with something else for you.


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