An uneventful day

Dreams by toniblay

Hi there,

Well, as the title suggests, not much happened on my end today. I didn’t sleep that well last night, had some strange dream which is happening more and more lately. I don’t mind but I think last night’s dream was a repeat, one I have had before. I used to have lots of repeat dreams, it was fun.

One dream I used to have was based in a desert. It was just me and there would be nothing around except a few cacti. It was all a bit weird and lonely I don’t really remember what happens after it but I think I drink from a cactus and then it turns into a new place. I had that dream 3 times in a row, once a year in something like July. It made no sense, still doesn’t really but hey, it was entertaining.

I like dreams. I like having them, trying to work out what they mean, trying to remember them after they fade, trying to explain them to other people. I sometimes wish I could play it again, on a tv screen just so I can really see what happened in them. That would be fun and possibly quite scary.

The thing is, most dreams are scary, one’s you dream up or those you are aiming for but they should be. Nothing is easy and those dreams are included, they need to be challenging, they need to have troubles to get them done otherwise it is sometimes not worth it. I have dreams and know they will take a while and may seem not worth they trouble they cause but they are and I will get there in the end and so will you.


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4 Responses to An uneventful day

  1. Peter Weis says:

    Dreams can be scary and strange. Last week I had a dream that I caught I giant fish. I’m not kidding. Try and get some sleep. Good luck with the postaday2011 challenge.

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi Peter,

      Yep, dreams can be scary and strange but they can be fun and interesting too like your big fish. I think that as long as we try to learn from what we remember from these dreams, sleep or otherwise, we can turn them from being bad to being useful.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and I hope your postaday2011 is going well too.


  2. I am one that never can remember my dreams … it strange, but it really is a rare occassion when I can remember a dream. I do have a few dreams and goals I have written down and see clearly every day! Thanks for sharing Paula and so nice to meet you and your blog!
    Debbie 🙂

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for commenting. Sometimes dreams are there just to amuse you. You play with them whilst they are in your head but are only there for your mind to make sense of the day, put it in order. I think those you remember are the key dreams that are aching to be listened too, learned from. By putting them on your wall, you are doing just that, remembering them and trying to reach them.

      It’s nice meeting you too, I hope to see you more often.


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