I am mentally stuck

Mentally Stuck by kenningtonfox

Hi there,

Yes, it is true, I have some kind of mental block. It isn’t a medical thing but it is quite annoying. You see, this Blog is all about pushing myself to change, which is all good and fun but what happens when I have one of those days, you know, when nothing happens?

I shall tell you what happens, I get up at midday, play games and don’t bother to even get dressed. I have no responsibilities, no children, no job, no life as such and that was  one of the things I wanted to change. Of course, I am always going to have one of those days but it feels bad to have it so soon after making my choice to change.

At the moment, it makes me feel like nothing will change, nothing will go my way. I think I have a long way to go and yes, this post os the opposite that I wanted this Blog to cover but I think it is a good idea to get those bad days out there so then you can see them clearly.

Now, what were the reasons for doing nothing today? Well, I was late last night trying to start a new game of Animal Crossing: Wild World. It was going fine until I decided to connect my DS to wi-fi. After figuring out I needed to change the way my wireless security, I then made my netbook not work and all I could do is do the basic beginning because it then turned 5am. Yes, not the best reason ever to go to bed so late but my mind focussed on AC:WW so I had to give in.

Anyway, so this morning/afternoon I play the game only for it to freeze after 20 minutes, wiping everything I had just done, very annoying indeed. I decided that the best option was to give up on it and do something else so after checking all the social networks, playing some web games, and generally doing nothing, I start playing The Sims 3. Oh how I love the thought of this game. It is fun to play God and sometimes you can even be a bit evil. I try not to be though. I shall let you in on the character I was playing just because the page needs filling up!

My character I was playing was called Lola Famous, yes, not very inventive but whatever, she doesn’t care. Anyway, she is becoming a Rock Star. I am playing her with the aging off, really she was a test to see how much a Rock Star can earn. As I have the expansion, most anyway, she received an assignment to go the Egypt and chat to people about music, so she did. That was the first time that one of my characters went away and it was fun. She did her job and then had two extra days to explore. Next time I want her to go to France.

Hmm, back on topic then, sorry about that. My mind will wonder if I don’t keep it on track. Yes, after playing for a few hours, I set about having dinner and watched the first episode of season two of Glee. I do love that show. I then played Guild Wars for a bit. I’ve only started playing it again but now I am trying to really play it and not give up because I’m playing by myself. I decided to play the original first and then move on to the others. It will be fun to actually complete something. I just die a lot and play with NPC’s.

So yes, this is my day so far. Not eventful, not even that interesting. Really, I am posting this because I want to stick to the challenge. I need to stick to the challenge, I cannot give up and slow days will not force me to do so, so there!

Hopefully, I think I remember having plans for tomorrow which involves going outside so I may have a story that will want to make you read and not decide that I’m slightly weird and go off topic for no reason. Well, I am and I do and if you really don’t want to read, that is fine, I don’t want you to do something that you don’t want to do but before you go, why not drop me a line and tell what you think I did wrong to put you off. I want to improve and you might be responsible for helping me.

If you do want more, I’ll be back again tomorrow with some more random drivel.


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8 Responses to I am mentally stuck

  1. last_lines says:

    We all have days like this…I call them BLAH days as in Blah,Blah and nothing….At least you are blogging none the less.

    • paulasstory says:


      Thanks for coming by. Yes, blah days, I like it. It describes exactly what it is so I may have to use this when I have another one. Thank you.

      I am trying to stick to the challenge and maybe half of it is thinking of something to say even when your brain is saying “Say nothing, it isn’t anything good, leave it silent”. Fighting those voices makes me want to win.


  2. djbaroque says:

    Oh, Paula, how I do/can sympathise with you so much on this one. I’m 20 something also, and like you, I have no job, no dependants as such and some-days, I feel just like what you have described here. You get out of bed, you mooch around, not really acheiving much, not wanting to go out, just happy in your own exsistance. As a player of The Sims 3 myself, I know how immersive that game can be. I’ve found myself before now playing the role of God as you put it to situations otherwise impossible in real-life. Almost as though my dream life is acted out in the sims. I have a couple of saved games, one’s very similar to real-life with a sim-me and a sim-girlfriend. I have games though where it bears little to no-resembelence on real-life.

    I have to admire and applaud you for posting today to make sure you kept up with the challenge. To me, that shows dedication and will power.

    • paulasstory says:


      Thanks for commenting. Yes, the Sims 3 allows you to have that control, I think that is why I like it so much. You can experiment knowing that you can’t harm anyone except those unknowing Sims. I think people who do not play these games do not get the attraction of them. They think them of mindless, silly things that takes away your free time but I say that since I enjoy them and they make me happy, I will play them anyway.

      Thanks for the compliment. I am usually very bad at keeping my willpower so high but I am determined and so I shall prevail. I hope you are keeping up with it too and not finding it too difficult.


  3. Morning Paula! I do look forward to your blog posts and so glad you joined the FB group. What fun!!!
    Debbie 🙂

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for visiting again, it is nice to see you. It surprises me to hear that you look forward to my posts, it is a nice feeling to know someone out there in the world is interested in reading what I have to say. Thank you.


  4. Hello Paula,
    that post reminds me on my personal pig outs. Pig outs are okay after a stressful week, but leave you mostly with a murky feeling afterwards anyway. I actually try to spend some quality time at the computer, just figuring out what and how long I want to do with it (write, read news or just browse – to name a few), and not just to kill time – hello murky feeling again!
    I used to work till the early morning myself, cherishing the quiet hours after 3 am till 5 am, but hen I slept until afternoon. So to turn that round again, I think you have to get up earlier – consider 10 or 11 am the next time that will make you sleepy in the evening around the right time – hopefully.
    Now I cherish the early morning hours when I’m awake again, knowing that a whole day lies still ahead. I also noticed that get going keeps you get going. I have to do a few exercises to fight my morning stiffness, so I start my day in bed stretching thighs and hamstrings. Then I do some exercises for my hamstrings, while still in bed, get up and mobilize the calves, followed by some upper body stretching a butt and quad exercise on a mat and finally a few crunches. While I don’t have much motivation to initialize my daily morning sequence, while I’m on it I actually really enjoy it and the motor is running again. Afterwards I have breakfast (homemade müesli) and am ready for the day.
    Cheers and good luck. Oh and btw I came across a very interesting motivating podcast. You might listen to it: http://www.bevanjameseyles.com/fitness-behavior/

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi there,

      Wow, such a long comment you left me there so bare with me whilst I comment on bits back 🙂

      Yes, I can see what you mean. My lazy days do have that way of being easy to follow, no set rules just do what I want, let the world float by. It is so easy to do that sometimes it is a struggle to not want to fall into that world, believe me, I know that feeling.

      I do find it easy to let my late nights take over my day routine. I think it is because I have always been a night owl, even when at school, I would fall asleep late and go to school feeling tired. I think now that I am at an age to realise that mornings were and possibly will never be my thing, I can understand it more. School used to have set hours but now my life can be the hours I want. It still isn’t a good thing though and even though I may be tired, I should try to keep myself to a some what normal routine.

      I think I need more practice and maybe a reason to get up so early. Sitting around the house all day seems to nothing for morale but I am sure something will come up soon for me.

      Thank you for commenting and I hope to see you again soon.


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