It works, yay

Washing Machine by SunfoxHi there,

Well, another day but something happened today. Nothing too big and nothing that got me out of the flat but still, it happened. Okay, so brace yourself… I now have a working washing machine.

Yes, that is indeed the big news. You see, I have lived in my flat now for just over a year, and since that time, I have had to do all my washing at either a laundrette or at my Dad’s house. Now, nothing wrong with both of those things except that it was a pain. Dragging clothes from some place to another and then back again and that wasn’t all the stuff, meaning more trips. Plus the money, bus travel, washing fee’s, it was too expensive. So, I saved up my pennies and as an anniversary present, I bought myself a washing machine.

Anyway, I have waited over a week for it to be installed and today it happened. It was a bit touch and go with all the pipes going here they needed but it’s all in and it works. I have already done one load but I don’t want to upset the neighbours so I stopped before it got too late, time wise.

I know, it is a bit strange getting excited over such a thing, I man, I don’t like cleaning but seriously, I love my machine. It’s all pretty and white and it makes my clothes smell all clean and you can’t go wrong with that now, can you? I have to do bundles of clothes but once they are all done, I think I will stop be so happy about it but until then, I have the right to smile about my damp but clean t-shirts!


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6 Responses to It works, yay

  1. donnahuebsch says:

    I totally get it! Really, there are far-reaching implications of doing one’s laundry in-house – the time saved, the money saved and the CONVENIENCE. Congrats! 😮

    • paulasstory says:


      hanks for coming by. Yes, the convenience, how could I forget that. It is handy to have it right here. Now I need a better way to dry stuff. I don’t mind waiting a few days but the line over the bath tub just fails too much!


  2. Sometimes you don’t realize how fortunate you are to have something until you don’t have it. I would so miss my washing machine and my kids …geesh…you should see the loads they bring home from college!
    Happy washing! Debbie 🙂

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I can remember my own college/uni days, I know exactly how much washing they do. Yes, if I had kids, I know I would have found a way to buy one sonner. It would have to be done.


  3. Lou says:

    Congrats on the Washing Machine, i don’t think i’d know what to do without one!! Not having a dishwasher in my new house is strange enough!!

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi Lou,

      Thanks for popping by. I don’t have a dishwasher either and even though it is just me, some days I feel like I could do with one. Always leaving it to the last minute, piling up plates, very bad habit. I am sure that if my machine ever breaks, I wont know what to do now!


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