Meeting and a dinner

Hi there,

Well, today I finally went outside. It was okay, bit grey but generally, it was nice enough. Not that cold but I was done up in all my winter clothing so I couldn’t feel it anyway.

Before I went outside however, I was asleep. Yep, until around half 12. Now, yes, this is lazy and all that and I accept your criticism however, I have finally realised that if I want to get up at that time, I can. I am not hurting anyone, not even myself really except for when I remember I had a meeting to get to, just like today.

So, after half an hour of going from asleep to being out of th door, I make my way into town to get a bus. Now, buses are handy, they get you from A to B and are generally the cheapest of paid travel. I dislike buses almost with a passion though and I have some good reasons. People cough at you, from behind and that really creeps me out. They also take a huge, large and very big (I ran out of ways to say it) lumps of time to get anywhere. Going from A to B is all fine if you have five million days to do it especially on a Sunday when the buses come every 20 minutes.

Anyway, so I get to my meeting late, only by about five minutes but everyone is gone. Not a soul in sight at the office. Right, I am going to stop here and tell you where I am otherwise this is making less sense than usual. I am at the hospital. I volunteer at the radio station and today was the AGM. All members were to be there to vote on things even though I am unable to vote yet. This is fine, I like drivel!

So yes, to get into where the meeting it, I have to use a card which lets you into the staff bit. I do not have one of these cards because I am asleep when the office is open so I yet to get one. Anyway, I float around for a bit trying to get someone elses attention but no one takes the hint so I decided to leave. I’m hungry and generally a little embarrassed about being late.

I am in luck though because when I reach the entrance, a nice woman who gave me directions points out someone else who is late and after a little chat, we try it again. This time we were in luck, the door was ajar and we managed to get in. The meeting went by and then we all go back to the tiniest radio room ever.

After this, we wait a little, chatting about nothing until some of us go out for something to eat. It was all fun and games and I am now extremely full. I can feel the fullness of  my belly and even though I didn’t eat all my food, I am glad I went out. I got to know some of the other people better and hopefully didn’t embarrass myself too much. I know I can be a bit full on whilst you get to know me, face to face anyway. No one said anything though but that can sometimes be a bad thing.

So yes, I had a good day, ate well and generally got some fresh air. The day didn’t go the way I thought because I forgot about the meeting so I did have plans to go food shopping but I can do that tomorrow. Yay for filling the freezer!


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6 Responses to Meeting and a dinner

  1. djbaroque says:

    Sorry to hear you were late, but every cloud. Glad you had a nice meal and what sounds like a nice time with some friendly faces.

  2. Aditi says:

    So Paula, I am glad you had a nice day, I did too, check out the sunset pics i added . Isn’t it fun to know how others spent their day. At least for me it is 🙂 . I am glad you made it and oh I so badly wanna visit London some day. 🙂 (keeping my fingers crossed)

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi Aditi,

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, London is okay. I don’t really go in and explore as much as I should, maybe I should change that. I do like to explore. I find it interesting to find out what people do with their time, it makes me want to do more with mine.


  3. Grading Girl says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site today! Yes, I think starting this blog is a good thing for you! I’ve met some great people since starting mine, and it’s been great fun!! Until next time!

    • paulasstory says:


      Yeah, I do seem to have met some good people already and I like that. Sometimes I wish there was a way to meet more in person but some people are busy. I am hopeful it will happen soon though.

      Thanks for popping by,


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