Being yourself

Hi there,

Today’s post is more about being a slight rant than a personal experience but I think it is still relevant.

So I was reading the paper today, catching up on the world news, like I do every day when I came across a story focussing on the golden globes. Now, as we all know, it is all about the red carpet and who’s wearing what and why and oh wow, doesn’t she look awful!

Now, I do not do fashion, it isn’t my thing. In fact, I probably dislike everything about it. If I need new clothes, I am in and out of shop within half an hour and that s if it has long queues. I really do look at something and if I think it would suit me, fit me and it is the right price, I’ll buy it. I don’t  do clothes, I do games. Game shops I can be in for hours or until I need the loo but clothing, no, you will find I have hardly any sense of fashion skills at all, very mis-matched.

Anyway, this brings me onto my point. The paper I was reading had an article about Helena Bonham-Carter. Now, if you don’t know who she is, well, you should. She is an actress, been in many films such as the new Alice in Wonderland (The red Queen) and Harry Potter (Bellatrix Lestrange) and she would be what I call excentric. She wears colourful outfits, things that you would not expect someone of her fame to be wearing and she looks fantastic.

She goes against the whole “normal, pretty and proper” lifestyle and chooses to be herself. She also does this without any known problems. She may get stared at but she doesn’t mind that much because she is known, famous even and that’s what people do, they stare at you. She wants to be herself regardless of whether it would harm her career but she knows it wouldn’t and for this I really admire her.

She has taken the leap and has realised that if she holds herself back, hides the real her under the normality of being famous, she would not be or feel herself, maybe she would feel that she wouldn’t deserve to be known because all people would know would be fake, an idea made by others.

Now, what does this  have to do with me other than being a little groupie? Well, she is everything I hope to be, not famous although maybe if I get published but she is herself. She is not afraid to be the real Helena and that just inspires me. Yes, she is known for it now and any other doing it is made to be weird or going through a phase but I would like to eventually get to that stage where I can say, what you see here, is me. I’m not hiding from you, there is no undercover, this is me.

That is exactly what this blog is for, for me to say, here I am. Take me or leave me, this is what I am and if that bothers you, then please move on, although leave a comment first to let me know what I did to bug you!

Helena Bonham-Carter missed out on a golden globe, which is unfortunate but I hope she has many years left to get some. Go on H B-C, give them what for.


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6 Responses to Being yourself

  1. donnahuebsch says:

    “Being Yourself” – a noble aspiration and, I imagine, the secret to contentment and happiness. Looking forward to knowing the real you via your blog 😮

    • paulasstory says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for popping by. Yes, I presume that it does take some work to become that free. A lot of people have too many worries or complications to allow themselves to be the real person that they are. I will do my best to be as real as possible on here.

      Thanks again,


  2. purrfectlee says:

    Paula, this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes of all time.

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr. Seuss

    Bravo to you for saying it loud and proud.

    • paulasstory says:


      Thank you, I do believe that if you are true to yourself then it can be easier to be true to others. Being real is just part of that truth. I love that quote as it does pretty much say what I rambled on about. Hits the nail on the head.

      Thanks for popping by,


  3. gnxmusic says:

    Part of the problem is that many people fear being their true self.

    • paulasstory says:


      Thanks for coming by. Yes, it is true that it can be a scary process especially if you have hidden away for so long. We are all taught from a young age not to be different but that is exactly why we should be, to show others that we are not afraid to be what we are, free from feeling kept down and made to be the same as everyone else. I like being different and it feels good to tell others that.

      Thanks again,


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