The dream is already broken

Hi there,

Yes, it is true, the title says it all. The dream that was a working washing machine has leaked all onto my kitchen floor and down into the neighbour’s kitchen too. I’m devastated, sort of.

Well, okay, that is a bit strong but I am upset. I was just getting used to it and now it is out of action. I think I have figured out the problem though. The pipe connecting the water to the machine has stretched too much meaning it has come loose from its fitting. I’m not sure if that means it can be fixed or whether I am in need of a new pipe but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to fix. I just dislike having the problem!

It is embarrassing to have your neighbour’s Mum come up to tell you that something seems to be seeping from your direction. That wasn’t her words, I just felt like being more descriptive. In fact, she could not have been nicer, said she understood and that they’ve all done it and it was an accident. She was a nice woman. I still felt bad and thought I was going to be flooded out.

I also need a new bathroom towel as I had nothing else to mop up the flood with and even with a working machine, I’m not sure I want that near me to clean myself with, it wouldn’t feel right.

So yes, today’s post is a complaint but come on, I only had it working for three days, I have a right to complain about it.


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2 Responses to The dream is already broken

  1. We bought a lemon washing machine (brand new Maytag, mind you … Maytag’s never break down they say) and it has broken down at least a hundred times. I make sure I keep the extended warranty up-to-date and extended!

    • paulasstory says:


      Yeah, I am hoping that the people I bought it from will replace the part because it shouldn’t break like that. It should be covered because I only bought it the other day.

      Thanks for popping by,


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