Shopping, the easy mans workout

Hi there,

Well, after the rant I had yesterday I think it is time for another life update. I’ll try to keep away from the scary truth of life and that wont be too hard as nothing scary really happened today.

I went outside again today. The more I write that sentence the more it sounds like I have a fear of leaving the house, I don’t, I am just too lazy plus it is kind of chilly and I don’t like the cold. I just find that I spend a lot of time indoors rather than outside. Think of it like this,, the time that I used to spend going to work, being at work and then coming home again is now spent at home watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, which is a great show that I have now caught up on. I like my flat but I feel a bit like a prisoner only I am the one with the key to the lock.

Anyway, with that said, I gave myself unto the freshness of the cold air and then sat on a bus for a while. It didn’t take too long to get where I was going, see who I needed and then wander round the shops for a bit. I didn’t go fun shopping, I went necessity shopping, getting the stuff I need and slightly want too. I bought a replacement pipe for my washing machine, it was quite cheap and if this one works, that would be great however, at least I know where to get them from should I be in need again.

I also bought a weeks food. Well, dinner’s anyway, food is too wide a section. I snack mostly through the day, which is bad but even when I sit here writing about it, I can honestly say that I don’t eat that much. For example, today I have eaten one cheese cracker, two cheese rolls and my dinner which was chicken in mushroom sauce with potatoes and carrots. I may have a yoghurt should I fancy something sweet and that is about it until tomorrow. If I had remembered to buy chocolate, I would probably have eaten one of those by now too but not today.

That is all I bought. I then lifted them home from the shop which took around 25 minutes as I was trying not to drop the bags. They were heavy, filled with boxes of food and tins, not good for someone who doesn’t life weights. My back hurt slightly when I got home but that isn’t new, it always hurts in some way or other.

So yes, that was my day. It wasn’t special but I spent the time on buses letting the characters in my head play. They were quite active today, something about revenge and love and making other people pay for the mistakes they made. Not too sure but I think they may have anger issues!


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2 Responses to Shopping, the easy mans workout

  1. Today will be a good day for staying in … somewhere well below zero degrees in the forecast….

    • paulasstory says:


      Thanks for letting me go. I did pop outside for no more than a minute and was almost frozen solid. It looked so nice out there too. I had enough supplies to keep me going for today but I do need to go out there tomorrow.

      I hope you kept warm too,


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