I have noisy neighbours

Hi there,

Okay so I am not sure if I have told you but I live in a block of flats, some people might call it an apartment block. It is 11 floors high and I live on the 10th floor. The estate I live on has a bad reputation. It was one of those places that you always heard bad things about when you were young. Drugs, violence and it wasn’t a nice area.

Anyway, in June 2009, I took on a lease for a flat in this area on the promise that within a few years, it would be knocked down, rebuilt and I would have a nice new smart looking place to live. This has yet to happen but it’s okay, I can wait.

To be honest, the place isn’t as bad as I had heard. It is still very rough but I haven’t heard or seen anything bad happen, which is good. I do have one big complaint though, my upstairs neighbour.

See, I don’t know any of my neighbours. We aren’t a social group which is probably why the area has problems. If we all spoke to each other, looked after our own areas, it might be a better place but we don’t. Most f the people who live here are from abroad which can sometimes make discussions quite hard. Plus a lot of people just don’t like interacting with others, they are scared of being attacked or robbed, they just don’t feel that safe. As do I, sometimes.

This is what leads me onto my neighbour. He is directly above me and makes a hell of a lot of noise at weird times of the day. Now, I  am a night owl and so I am up until around 3-4am but I try to be quite quiet after half ten. It is just curtacy really for those around me. The walls seem to be a little thin and so you can hear arguments and his particular favourite, moving furniture around.

Seriously, he moves his furniture around at leat twice a day, properly dragging it too but he tends to do this at around 1am. Now, if I was working the next day and he woke me up by doing Feng Shui, I would be totally mad. At the moment, he just annoys me a little because he feels he can do it whenever he wants.

I am tempted sometimes to go up there but I know he smokes some dodgy things and I don’t want to deal with anyone like that, you don’t really know what they might do.

Anyway, this seems to be a fitting time to end this rant although it doesn’t seem to be a complete moan, just some information for my dear readers about where I live. In other words, I had a bit of difficulty trying to pick a topic for today’s post so I hope you liked it.


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6 Responses to I have noisy neighbours

  1. djbaroque says:

    Sometimes just having a rant can be good for you. I think you did the right thing by resisting the temptation to go up there. It’s best to keep the peace, for want of a better expression.

    • paulasstory says:


      Yes, even though I have been tempted many a time to go up, keeping the peace is a better option for me. Even though we aren’t a close community, I don’t really want to start making problems for myself.


  2. Wise decision to not go up there……Don’t do it (my motherly instincts are screaming)! Your writing makes me smile at your honesty, but serious – stay away from oddballs. :::now I will put my motherly apron away for the evening:::
    Debbie 🙂

    • paulasstory says:


      It’s okay, you can put your motherly instincts back down although I appreciate them coming out. I am staying away from the oddballs, they are too scary for me anyway.


  3. last_lines says:

    Ah the curse of strange and noisy neighbours….have had a few of those myself over the years. Maybe you should start moving your furniture around just after he does…it might make him stop and think you are strange and he may stop…you know reverse psychology or if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em…..just a thought….2am here and still online…must sleep…must blog…it is a toss-up at times
    Thanks for giving us a peak into your life Paula!
    Kim 🙂

    • paulasstory says:


      As much as your idea makes me wonder, I am not sure if I would just be bothering those beneath me more. I play my music a little louder on the weekends to see if that bugs him but all he does is play his at early times instead. I still believe he is winning!

      I am glad you liked the peek and I am also sure that more will be revealed as we go on through the days, months and even years.


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