To write is human

Hi there,

Well, today was another slow day. I did nothing other than eat and watch a few episodes of Brothers & Sisters. It’s a good show, I watched the first season when it first came on television but that was back in 2006 so I’m starting over. It now has five seasons so I have a load to catch up on.

Anyway, that isn’t the topic for today’s post, no, it is something that has  been on my mind for a bit now and I have mentioned it already, a few days ago. I want to talk about my urge to write and why I can’t seem to do it. Well, more like I find reasons to do something else even though I really want to write.

The main reason I have trouble getting the thoughts out of my head and onto some paper or screen is a basic one but one that can be hard to get over. I don’t want to fail or seem like a failure. I don’t want to spend all that time writing something which could end up being thrown away even though it may, even by a miracle, turn out to be a best seller.

I know I can write and trying to push myself to get over that big hurdle is always on my mind. To be honest, it would be good to fail because it shows that you have tried and spurs you on to try again and harder and better but I always have tha feeling. I am going to skip over it though, push through it some might even say because I want to get that book published and in my hands. That is what my big goal in life is, to be published with some solid book with words that only I have written, in it. That would be fantastic.

Since I have the perfectionist trait (a Sims metaphor), I need some of your help. I want some kind of software, free would be nice or a website you work on which helps you when you write. I want to know what you use to sort out your characters and scenes be it paper and pen or other ways. Let me know because I am going to start rewriting my NaNo novel and want to start it off right.

Hopefully I can tell you all about it tomorrow when I post so until then,


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2 Responses to To write is human

  1. Aditi says:

    Paula, You know what, You are just like me. I can absolutely relate to your post here.
    Looks like i will be writing something on the same lines soon and i will be tagging you (of course will let you know here as well ) once that happens.

    • paulasstory says:


      Thanks, I can’t wait to read your post. I think that it is with most things, if you are having trouble with something, knowing someone else knows how you feel because they go through it too, it makes it feel better somehow.

      Thanks for popping by,


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