The dark can be pretty

Hi there,

Today, I spent two hours sitting around in the dark. It wasn’t on purpose, in fact, it was a little annoying but I had no choice but the endure it. I had a power cut and since everything I own or use needs electricity to run it, I pretty much had nothing to do. Well, I did do something but it is pretty weird.

I started to write. I have started being a pen pal again and so since I needed to sit down and write a letter, I took the time to do it then. Three pages of written twaddle but that’s what you get from me when you want a letter.

Before I did that though, I rang up the electric company. I was on hold for ages but when I got through, they gave me a number for the power outage company. Now, I usually complain when I see or get bad customer service but these people should be given gold stars. I got through within minutes, the lady on the phone was nice, talked me through it all and even kept me updated after an hour had passed. Seriously good customer service there, it has been a while since I have seen something like that. It isn’t even as if she did much, she just made me feel like she wanted to and that is the point.

So yes, apart from the dark patch I had, I am feeling much better today although I still feel a little weird. I also got a phone call from one of my old work colleagues. He wanted to meet up today and go for a drink but then he got stuck in traffic. It was nice to hear from him but it was slightly out of the blue too. We should be meeting up next week or the week after instead.

Apart from that, I have done nothing else. Pretty much a dull day really but it is cold outside so I don’t think I should be going out there anyway.

Tomorrow is a special day, well, kind of. I am hoping that I will have lots to report to you tomorrow so until then,


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2 Responses to The dark can be pretty

  1. Beau Gamble says:

    Every time the power goes out here, I’m actually a little excited about it. I can get away from this all-consuming computer for a while and go and read a book or something — even if it’s by candle light.

    • paulasstory says:


      I really need to buy some candles. I was writing by phone light! I did fancy reading but knew the letter had to be done first. It is nice to get away from technology but only when I can see properly.


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