January has finished, long live February

Hi there,

So yes, the end is nigh, around 40 minutes at the time of writing. January 2011 is  no longer here, gone forever, never to be seen again but it is okay as February is on the way.

To be honest, there isn’t much difference in the months this early on in the year. It is still cold with weird weather and all it has in the middle is a day that makes you feel lonely. I have never celebrated Valentines day and so up until now, it makes me feel bad. I am all for people being in love and stuff but please, take into some consideration those of us who are not!

Yes, so, to get back on topic, what have we learnt over this past month? Well, I now have this blog, which is nice. I have stuck to it too, which I am most surprised about.  I have met some great people doing this challenge and hope to meet many more.

On the self-improvement side, well, I have a washing machine and that is about it. I still have no job, no social life and my window is still broken (I’m aiming to get that fixed) but it’s okay. No-one said it was all going to happen overnight and so I have plenty of time to do it in. I may even invest in some Cats or something for some company and cuteness. Everyone keeps posting pictures and videos of Cats doing things and I want to see it in 3D.

I also have planned to start writing tomorrow. I was going to start it on Sunday but I wanted to keep a note of my monthly word count and wanted it to be even in the score keeping. I have decided to re-do my NaNo story that I started in November. I’m not sure it will go any where but we will see.

So yes, plenty to aim for, to change and I am up to the challenge. Happy February everyone.


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4 Responses to January has finished, long live February

  1. djbaroque says:

    Paula, Don’t worry about valatines day. For several years I didn’t celebrate it for not being in love, it can be a bit rough though for those of you who aren’t. It’s become very commericalised also. Some people say that you don’t really need a dedicated day to show your loved one that they are in fact loved. I have to admit, they have a point!

    As for the self-improvement factor and the social life, as daft as it sounds. Have you considered Second Life? It’s an online Virtual Reality platform which is free, you may meet more people (albeit online) through that, but you never know.

    Happy February to you too xxx

    • paulasstory says:


      Valentines day is commercialised but it would be nice to be bought a eddy heart or something and it not be from a parent or something!

      I think I was just feeling a bit bitter but it’s okay, I’m hoping to try and get a date for the night, the first time ever. It is scary and may not happen but I will try anyway.

      I have tried second life before and got slightly bored with it. I really spend too much time n the computer as it is, I really wanted someone real to go out with or a group occasion. I just think I read a lot of statuses from facebook or twitter and people go outside a lot more than I do. I want to be one of those people or at least try it out.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting,


  2. caseymichelle12 says:

    Happy February 🙂
    Cats are cute, you should definitely invest in some.

    • paulasstory says:


      Thanks for coming by. I never grew up with Cats, I am a dog person but dogs take up too much time even though they give loads of love. Cats seem to be right for me so I think I will give them a go. I just need to find small one’s, like kittens, not just tiny cats, heh.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting,


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