Goals for February 2011

Hi there,

Well, yesterday’s post felt a little on the depressing side. It wasn’t meant to be, it was just that January had been a little slow. I am however, going to make a change so that doesn’t happen again.

This challenge has shown me something. It has let me know that even though it may be difficult, sticking to something can be done if believed in. Now, it might sound a little airy fairy but it is true. Plus they say that if you do something often enough, you start to do it anyway and you can’t remember what it was like to not do it.

I want to apply that theory to a little more of my life, especially my writing. Yes, I go on about it, live with it. Anyway, it is a big part of me or will be if this plan actually works. So, the plan, what is it? I hear you yell. Well, it is simply to write everyday.

I know, the gasps of shock can be heard for miles, relax. I have just caught on to the theory of obviousness. Write, force yourself if you have to, every day, no matter what. A bit like I do for this Blog except I don’t force it. I like writing here, look forward to it even and I want that for my actual writing.

Now, you may be thinking ‘Yes, but if it was that easy, you would just do it’ and you are right. So I did. Today I started writing, only a little but I got words on a page. I would have written more but I needed to eat and then it was time to Blog but it was done. I am re-writing my NaNo and hopefully it will be longer than 17k.

I plan to post my daily word count at the end of my posts just so I know I have to report on it. I have yet to think of what I will do when I have those ‘non’ days but if it happens, I will think of something.

So yes, goals for February, let’s see:

  • Write everyday
  • Go out more, at least once a week to a meet-up or something
  • Find a date for Valentines Day (or join a meet-up)
  • Get a job (It’s for every month but I am hopeful)
  • Start exercising, maybe biking

Generally I think that may be enough for now. I can always do more if I want to. I hope to stick to these, I just don’t know when I will start the big one’s and some need a bit of money to do. I will find a way around it though, I can be creative if I need to be.

So yes, these are my goals for the next month, why don’t you share yours with me if you have any. We can keep an eye on them for each other.


Today’s word count (not including Blog): 1043

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10 Responses to Goals for February 2011

  1. Grading Girl says:

    I hear you on your third bullet pointed goal for February, Paula. That’s one of mine too! 🙂

  2. Very good idea .. every day I write little notes of what I want to accomplish and cross off as I go. I should re-visit my long term goals and think about them since they change every few months. You’re right about doing something all the time it becomes a normal way of every day.

    • paulasstory says:


      Yeah, I likee doing to-do lists but always forget to read them until they are too late to finish. I keep them anyway, just in case I need it.

      Yes, posting on here is hardly feeling like a burden, I look forward to doing it, even watch the time to make sure I post on time.


  3. djbaroque says:

    Setting yourself some real targets like the above is a great idea, Paula. I know that you can acheive these goals and more. You go for it girl!

  4. Peter Weis says:

    Go for it. If you have goals, that is all it takes. Sometimes the timeline will change but you’ll make it.

  5. If you have a phone, WordPress makes it easy to write everyday. You can call in a voice post or blog from your phone or email. Also, I’m trying to exercise more as well and I’ve found that using something like RunKeeper.com is helpful. Plus, it keeps you connected with the community. Oddly enough I wrote a post just last night that addresses this — http://amaravadee.com/2011/02/dont-have-time-make-it/

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