Missed post number one

Hi there,


This  post is being written on the 3rd of February and not the stated 2nd because I got drunk and couldn’t see the keyboard properly. I changed the date on it though because I wanted all my days to have a post on it and the 2nd looked lonely without one!

Anyway, yes, I did miss my posting on the 2nd because after the radio show, which went well, I went out with two other members and had three pints of cider. They were nice drinks but they went straight to my head. It was fun though and the chicken burger, fries, chicken piece and drink were nice to eat afterwards. I say eat, I almost ate them in one bite because drunken eating is always untidy.

Yes, so not much to report apart from the missed day of no writing. I ran out of time to do anything before I had to leave for the show and afterwards was spent bouncing off the walls. I wasn’t that bad but was wise enough to not write because none of it would  have made any sense!

I will hopefully have something more interesting to say ‘tomorrow’.


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4 Responses to Missed post number one

  1. You crack me up. My favorite line…”drunken eating is always untidy.” Too funny and very true. 🙂

    • paulasstory says:


      My drunken eating is always messy but I think I enjoy the food more. It is like alcohol wakes up the taste buds. It also has a way of making you wobble and makes you do stupid things.


  2. djbaroque says:

    Beer and a burger… that reminds me of my university days…. having a ‘production meeting’ in the pub wasn’t the best idea, especially when we went to lecture about 30 mins just slightly merry — at about 2pm. Now I’m just hungry for chicken haha.

    • paulasstory says:


      Sometimes for lunch at the place I used to work at, I would have beer and a burger but without the beer. I still fancy it sometimes. It does bring back memories for me too not for uni though, never really did it then. That was more druken uni clubs and then pizza shop. That was fun too.


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