Happy (Chinese) New Year

Hi there,

Yes, it is the Chinese New Year and it is now the year of the Rabbit. I am not Chinese but I still celebrated with my family. We enjoyed a nice Chinese take away and lots of conversation about nothing, mostly.

To be honest, I didn’t even know it was today and I would have missed it if I hadn’t been invited out for dinner. I’m glad I went though as I hadn’t seen them for a few days and since I don’t see them as often as I would like, I took the opportunity.

What that did mean, however, is that I didn’t do any writing again today. I had plenty of time earlier before I went out but since I was feeling a bit sensitive, all I wanted to do was just sit there and watch television, so I did. I will try to get some writing done tomorrow though, see if I can’t make up for the two missed days.

I have a feeling I should write my posts on Wednesday’s a little earlier so that I do not have to cheat again. I do feel bad about it and so I will aim not to do it again if possible. I’m not sure what to do if I go away on holiday though as computers are normally banned. I’m sure I will figure something out or I’ll just cheat again!

On another note, I got woken up by my noisy neighbour upstairs playing African prayer so loud that I am sure my headache was caused by that and not the alcohol. It was recorded and went on for at least half an hour and then was repeated. I say it was African prayer because the lady who was reading out the sermon had an African accent. I have no idea what religion it was but someone was going to pay for their sins.

I can’t complain, it was the middle of the day but nobody should be playing anything that loud, it just isn’t right. I don’t think he could hear it properly either because he was too close to it. He is either going deaf or will soon do so, I am sure of it.

So yes, apart from being blown down the road (it is quite windy out) and sitting on buses for ages, not much happened today. I really do need something exciting to happen. I am open to suggestions should anyone have any.


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2 Responses to Happy (Chinese) New Year

  1. djbaroque says:

    My girlfriend is Chinese and she’s taking me out to the Chiense New Year Celebrations a few cities away. I’m quite looking forward to it.

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