I am a disappointment

Hi there,

Now, the post title is a little bit of a downer but there is a reason for it. I like explaining stuff and making up excuses so go with it.

Today, I was supposed to do many things. After my rant yesterday about not wanting to do anything, I couldn’t be arsed to get up and get going. Anyway, apart from the obvious laziness, I was too tired to get up and go out to see my pregnant best friend.

I have known her since I was at least 13 (the actual year is fuzzy, we have no idea when we actually met) and so I have known her for at least half of my life. She is a fantastic persona and I have no idea why she puts up with me but she does and I like her a lot for it. So yes, she lives an age away from me by bus and since I got up late, I had to cancel our day. I am seeing her on Tuesday instead but I feel really bad about it.

I have no-one but myself to blame and she could see it coming but I shouldn’t have let her down like that. She is a few weeks from seeing her third child in the flesh and she needs all the friends she can as she’s been having a few issues. Plus I haven’t seen her since way before Christmas and that is bad because I have all the time in the world, sort of.

I don’t know, I seem to be on a little bit of a shame run today but it’s okay, I have giant chocolate buttons to munch on so that should make me feel better.

In other news, I still wrote nothing today but I did go out and shop. I needed all those little things that run out. I also went into my local library too as it was National Save Our Libraries Day in the UK. The Government thinks it is okay for them to close all the local libraries as it will save them a pittance. Anyway, all over the country, hundreds if not thousands of people went to their local libraries to protest. It went well apparently in other places. My local one had nothing going on because a few weeks ago, the local government gave in to petitions to stop them shutting anymore.

You would think people would leave stuff alone. I mean, I can understand them needing to save money but they have to see the bigger picture. The libraries aren’t about books any more, they are a hub of the communities, give people a place to go without feeling unwanted. They should be put in the ‘priceless’ box and then put on a shrine, not poked with a stick until people walk over it. They mean something to everyone so if you are reading this rant, please, go into your local library and use what they have because if the people in charge have anything to do with, they will take them and you will regret not using what you had.

There, I think that just about gets to the point. Unless it isn’t obvious, I will put it this way. I may be a disappointment but your local library is a fantastic source for all things bookish. Now go, get in there.


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3 Responses to I am a disappointment

  1. djbaroque says:

    I have to admit, I’d be dissapointed if my Library went. It’s a meeting point, I’ve said to a couple of friends, meet you outside the library. I have had some invaluable resources from there to get me started learning chinese. Plus, some absolutely cracking stories. Great post with a real point.

    • paulasstory says:


      Thanks. It would be a great shame if they do decide to get rid of the libraries. I don’t think people know how much they would be missed until it will be too late. To be honest, I don’t use mine enough and I should start doing so now.


  2. last_lines says:

    I am completely against shutting libraries…so thank you for posting this.
    I know that e-books are the new thing but I still love Libraries.
    I own a lot of books but I go to the Library every week as “old-fashioned” as this notion seems nowadays.
    There is something magical and sacred about older books. I love sniffing the pages of them and wondering what stories they could tell of the people who took them out over the years.
    Great post!

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