I bought a desk

Hi there,

Yes, you read it right, I bought a desk off of Ebay. I wanted one to use to write on and since I don’t have anything decent to lay my books or netbook on, I thought it best to get one. It will only cost me £5 too so it was a bargain.

What I really need though is a decent chair or two. I currently use a beach chair and my back is in constant pain because of it. It has no stability but normal computer chairs cost a lot of money. I looked through the sales too and their just wasn’t one that was cheap enough for me.

I am very sure I will come up with something though as I am good like that, finding things to make my life better such as the cheap table.

I really want to finish decorating my flat too. It has been the way it is now since the end of August 2009 and it looks kind of crap. The paint has patches and really isn’t pretty. I just need to get myself up and about to get it done. It would be a good idea as I have lots of time to do it in.

I have no idea how people can keep themselves motivated. I am having a real big problem trying to keep focused to do anything and I’m starting to feel really bad about it. Just thinking about the things that need doing isn’t helping. I’m seriously  thinking I need to get hypnotised or something just to make me feel like I want to do stuff. Apparently it works because reading about motivation is just making me feel bad about myself.

So yes, my table will hopefully be collected tomorrow and I will finally have some space to concentrate. I just hope t fits in where I want it to go.


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2 Responses to I bought a desk

  1. djbaroque says:

    £5? That’s an absolute bargin, What kind of desk is it? You definitley want a nice computer chair, with good support for those long writing sessions. Don’t forget the obligatory mug given a second life as a pencil pot!

  2. last_lines says:

    That is a bargain! Yay for the new desk! May your new desk be a fountain-point of inspiration and motivation in creativity for you. 🙂

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