What is wrong with having stuff?

Hi there,

Okay, so I have something to tell you. I am a hoarder. I like to keep stuff, make piles of stuff and generally  have stuff laying all over the place. Most people call it mess, I call it controlled piling of said stuff.

I have boxes of stuff, piles of stuff, bags of stuff. At the moment, I even have stuff all over my bed just waiting for a place to be put. I had to move some things as they were where my new desk is sat. They will all get put somewhere but most likely it will be on the floor or in bags with some other bits and pieces.

I do admit that my place can sometimes look very messy but I like mess. I know which piles have what in them and can find almost everything I am looking for. I have my own space and I feel I can fill it with bags, books and papers. Why should I be told to clean up my stuff when I am okay with it. I wouldn’t tell someone else to do it, not even if they had a house that was on tv because it had too much stuff in it.

Yes, there are levels of mess. I don’t have nasty mess, maybe the odd plate that is waiting to be washed (honest, just a plate and a bowl from today) and some empty chocolate wrappers ut nothing disgraceful. I know I wouldn’t let it get totally out of control and I do admit that sometimes it is nice to have a non piled room but almost always, if I go to someone’s house I feel uncomfortable. If it is spotless, it makes me feel like you can’t relax in it. This is not an excuse and should I have any kids, I would make my stuff into neater piles but for now, why can’t I have my piles of mess?

This complaint is sponsored by the number 5 and the letter’s D, A and D (It was special and my Dad complained about the piles of messy stuff!)!


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One Response to What is wrong with having stuff?

  1. Sounds like my daughter wrote this! She loves her piles of mess…she is off to college and some days I do miss those little piles of mess!
    Debbie 🙂

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