He’s right, I don’t take it seriously enough

*Note: This post is three days late because I am rubbish at keeping time*

Hi there,

Well yes, I am writing this post three days later than the date says because I had yet another night where alcohol messed with my vision. It wasn’t as bad as the time before but I should know better. As such, it took me this long to post. I wasn’t drunk for three days, I just had other things come up but that shall all be revealed in the next few posts.

So yes, ‘today’ I had a few appointments. I had the job centre to go to, then I needed the Doctor and then I had the radio show. The job centre went okay but they told me that I was moving onto stage two. That means I have to now go in every week rather than every two. It starts getting serious now but it also means I get half priced travel on buses, and that is a good thing because I was paying out a lot for travel. Trains are still expensive but that’s okay, I don’t take them much anyway!

After that, I went into the walk in Family Planning Centre. I am on the pill, it helps me with cramps and other things rather than keeping babies away. I believe you need to be getting some kind of action for the babies to appear and I am lacking that vital piece of the puzzle. The queue was long, it took about an hour and it over run with my radio show but I still managed to get there for an hours worth of nonsense.

As my job centre interview was going to be the next day, I only had one drink at the pub afterwards but then had another two cans at home. I like the feeling of being slightly dizzy but I think I need to not start drinking at home, it could spiral although I don’t drink that much anyway. I only need three pins of cider and my face is numb!

Yes, anyway, none of this story seems to really make the title make any sense and you are right, it doesn’t however, I am about to come onto it. As I have said before, I am reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ and I am about half way through it. It is very good, very open and to the point, which I love. I dislike stories that try to get to a point and then don’t. They seem to wander off into the night, never to be seen again. Anyway, there is a bit in the book where he says that if you do not take your writing seriously, then you shouldn’t be doing it. You should have set times to write, every day, for set amounts of time. You should block everything out, making it clear that you mean business and I think he is right. At the moment, I am not taking m writing seriously enough to have faith in it, to make it feel like I want to be doing it and that needs to change.

Of course, you need to make sure everything gets done. Housework, shopping, bills paid, full-time work if you have it, kids looked after. all of that stuff does come first but if you don’t put your writing at the same level, it will never get done and you will never get it where you want it to be. I am, of course, talking about myself and as a single, unemployed woman with no kids or pets, this should be easy but it isn’t. I think it is because I am scared. Scared of failing, scared of being rubbish, scared of lots more really but I am letting it stop me and that is one of the big changes I need to make and so I will. It stops now (Saturday night). As of now, I will dedicate my time to make my writing a serious part of my life.

Thank you Mr. King, you are being a great help 🙂


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