My knee hurts

*Note: this post is being written two days late because of suckage of time*

Hi there,

Well ‘today’ was interesting. It all started of with me having just over four hours sleep. I had to out of my flat by half past eight in the morning to meet with my stage two adviser at the job centre. I got there on time and I wasn’t so tired but it was raining and I felt a little damp. I don’t like feeling damp.

Anyway, the meeting went fine, it was just about going over my details more than anything. She made two appointments for next week. One to see her and hand over my CV and anther on Wednesday to see my actual adviser. It seems pretty simple enough. The meeting lasted all of about 15 minutes and then I left.

Ah, since I didn’t mention this before,I should say it now. Today, I was going on a journey. It wasn’t that far, maybe 70 miles to Ipswich to see one of my friends I went to Uni with. She had a week off of work and invited me up for the day and I accepted. My train wasn’t for another two hours though so I went to the Library to read the paper. I don’t read them much when in paper form so took the chance since I was up and needed something to keep me awake.

So yes, I catch my trains although I almost missed my change as I nodded off for a bit but heard the announcement just before it took off again. It would only have been one stop but I didn’t want to miss my connection. It didn’t take long to get there, about an hour and a half so that was okay.

The day was good. It was still raining out but we had a pub lunch, I got to see her flat and we played Mario on the Wii. All was pretty god until I had to go home. It wasn’t sad or anything but tragedy struck.

*cue shock and horror music*

We were walking down this hill, on the pathway. Everything was fine, we were chatting until I fell. I went completely over, doing half a split and landed straight onto my left knee. Ouch, that hurt a lot and by a lot I don’t mean it wore off after walking, I mean there was blood and cuts and a bruise the size of an orange. I had slipped on some gravel and scraped everything.

The station was near by and  went to the bathroom to see what damage had been done because I was finding it hard to walk and then I saw it all. I cleaned it up and as usual, it looked bad with all the blood but there were only some small cuts on it. That was fine, the bruise and the swelling, was not. I should really say is not because the damn thing still hurts. I can’t walk properly and it hurts to bend my leg. Apart from that though, it was a good day. I just couldn’t put words onto the screen as I wanted to rest it as soon as I got home, which I did. On went the plasters and I picked a position to put my leg in.

It is getting better now, I can hobble at great speed but it still hurts to put pressure on it. I am hoping a few days rest will get it back to normal. The only scary part is this, I have knocked knees. Have done since my leg went out aged 13. It is supposed to grow out of children but mine never did so I sometimes have great problems with them. This is the first time something very bad has happened to them in a very long time so I was a bit freaked out. I’m alright now because nothing has gone bad but I am hoping it wont. My knees are quite weak from it all and I can’t do anything drastic like ice skating or running or anything although those things don’t excite me much anyway, I just don’t have a choice.

Anyway, that was my exciting day and the next one is even more scary. I seem to be having a busy few days, despite my leg issue!


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