Scary is as scary does

*Note: I suck at keeping this on time, I cannot help it – Oh, this means it is a day late, my bad*

Hi there,

So, I have no idea if that title makes any sense but seriously, my night was really scary. I shall tell you why but only in some cryptic way, which I shall explain.

I have two sisters, the eldest and the middle and I am the last, the baby. For Christmas, the eldest gave us all out own theatre experience. I had Oliver, for which I took the eldest with me as she had never seen it and the middle got tickets to see Ghost Stories.

Now, I am not a fan of scary things. I don’t do horror movies and I am scared out of my wits by the film Dusk til Dawn. I simply cannot watch it, it gives me nightmares. Anyway, the middle’s boyfriend couldn’t make it and the eldest had already seen so I was sent along with her. I was told to go, basically given no choice. It was a night out and even tough my leg hurt, I managed to hobble to the train station and around the City of London for a while. Like I said yesterday, I can hobble with great speed once I get going. So yes, after dinner at the eldest’s , we go off to get lost and find the theatre.

Right, I can’t tell you much because it is all a bit mixed up. As we got there a little late, ten minutes maybe, I can’t say how it began but what it looked like was this man, who is a professor of proving disproving Ghost Stories. He basically gathers stories from people and then says they are from the mind. He seems to know what he is on about, has facts and stuff.

Anyway, he starts telling three stories, and they are very spooky. I mean, it was crowded and at points, the whole theatre jumped. My heart was going non stop and even Middle was spooked out. The whole thing lasted for about 80 minutes but the ending was surreal. I’m not sure how to explain it without giving it away except to say that everything was related to one thing, the ending. I know, that sounds stupid and kind of explains it bad but really, you need to see this show to have any idea what I am on about.

The way the stories are played out, by actors playing the roles of the story tellers, it does have some funny parts but as a whole, it scared the crap out of me, so much so that I had to watch kids shows from the 90’s to try to not dream about it. You think I’m joking, I’m not. Even now, now that I know what it is, I wouldn’t go and see it again, it creeped me out too much but like I said, I don’t do horror or creepy things, it scares me too much.

Anyway, so yes, I was creeped out and generally scared out of my wits so if you come across my wits, please send them back, I need them. Thank you.


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