Day of relaxation

Hi there,

Finally, a post written on the right day. I have no idea what is wrong with my lack of timings. I should probably try to do them before I go out any where but that would mean having plans and I don’t do plans even though I probably should!

I took today to relax. I culdn’t be bothered to move or do anthing and it also means I didn’t write even though I promised myself I would. If anything, I need to do it tomorrow just so I know that I can. I mean, all I am doing is hurting myself so I need to stop being so bad.

I also need to get some food in tomorrow as I am lacking in stuff to munch on. I had pizza tonight but think I ate too much. It was one I bought from a shop, not take away although I nearly went out for chips but that meant moving!

So yess, I spent the day playing bingo and watching Brothers and Sisters. That show s getting quite good and I can’t stop watching it. One after the other, it just seems like I’m watching the hours away and I think I’m depressing myself.

It’s okay, I’ll leave the house tomorrow, go for a walk, go home to see my Dad, all the normal things. Oh, and I will try to write. I tell you something though, I really do need a new computer chair as the one I am on sucks to high heaven. My back is killing me at the moment!


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