Census Job Training

Hi there,

So yesterday, after my apology and excuses, I let it slip that I had job training coming up. Well, it was actually yesterday but since I didn’t want to go on for too long, I decided I would tell you all about it today instead.

So, what’s it for, I hear you ask. Well, it is for the Census Collection. The 27th March was Census day and for all those people who didn’t fill it in, I have been roped in to find out why. It is pretty simple really and even though it is quite easy to fill in, some people don’t want to or forget or whatever.

It is a big job as it is a pretty big deal if you don’t fill it in. Apparently, if you refuse, you can eventually get fined up to £1000. It isn’t like the elections where you can vote or you don’t, it’s up to you, no, this is some serious stuff and I’m involved.

The training was an afternoon in a hotel conference space in Camden, London. Right in the heart of the market, almost but I’ll tell you about that later. It wasn’t that much to take in, just me and say 14 other, sat in a room, discussing the forms, the type of people you might come across and generally having a chat.

The people were quite nice and will probably get a lot of results when knocking on people’s doors but I was quite happy to see that it wasn’t just me who had weird questions about stuff. In fact, I answered most of the questions right even though my memory is rubbish at holding information and wow, there was a lot to take in during the training. Oh, the training didn’t start at the afternoon, it started at the application form. Oh, there were tests and all sorts of nonsense to fill in and pass before you could even be accepted to join it. In other words, they are taking no chances, they want proper people on this job.

The forms itself are quite simple to do, on the front end but as the back end job, you have codes for this, that and the other and it gets even more difficult if the person refuses to fill it in or after the first two weeks. I think it will take a while to understand it all and now them off by heart but the training woman seems to think it will all work out fine and that almost everyone in the world is nice and friendly. I just don’t think that women has ever been to where I live because the people don’t want to know and that’s from doing the election poles last year. They are very private people, I’ll put it that way.

Anyway, I’m not doing my area this time, I’m doing a bi away from me so hopefully, I’ll be in a place where people will be in and be nice to me. Well, I can hope, right?

Okay, so after the afternoon of training, we were free to go home or do whatever but since it was just on the cusp of closing time, I took a quick browse through Camden Market. I love this place, I really do. I feel really comfortable here mostly because no-one really cares what you look like and the clothes and hair styles and everything, it’s exactly what I wished I was free to do but getting a job and generally living in somewhere that doesn’t accept people who look like that, is where I’m at. If I ever get the chance though, I am making a break for Camden and especially if I get the money to buy some stuff there, wow, I would clear a store out!

Yes, so if anyone would like to donate any cash to my ‘I want to live wild and free’ account, please, don’t hold back 🙂


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One Response to Census Job Training

  1. djbaroque says:

    Congratulations on finding some work to keep you ticking over – I know that it’ll really mean something to you. I don’t get to London much, but I’ve heard a lot about Camden Market. Right now my head is replaying that scene from Notting Hill where Hugh Grant is walking through the markets and the seasons change gradually. It strikes me as the place where I’d need a full wallet to enjoy it properly, and would end up spending plenty whilst I’m there!

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