ScriptFrenzy 2011

Hi there,

Welcome back to my new and updated Blog. I think I’ll keep saying that for another few days, just in case people decide to come back later on. After about a week though, it gets a bit old so it might stop then, I’ll give it until Friday (no rubbish sing along please, had that awful song in my head but only because I saw a version that was actually done well, if you can believe that, no really, it’s true. I may link to it, just to show you I am not lying!)

Anyway, enough nonsense, on with the good stuff, right? Well, yeah, why not. I mean, as you can tell, I do like going on and on about nothing that has to do with anything but it’s okay, stick with me and you may find it interesting, sort of.

So, the title says it all really, ScriptFrenzy. What is it? I hear you slowly say with some slight twinkle of boredom. Well, I’ll tell you, it’s a personal challenge that happens in April. Similar to NaNoWriMo and bought to you by the same people but this time you have to write a 100 pages of a script. Now, it could be for television, film, comic strip, radio, basically anything that may need a script, you can do.

Okay, but why would you do that? Again, the voices are calling, if not a little loudly at the screen, but never fear, as I have the answer. It’s fun and challenging and why the hell not? It’s something new and different and don’t you tell me, dear reader that you have never watched something and either said A) I could write something like this or B) This is rubbish, even someone like me, who has no experience in writing for anything, let alone tele, could do better than this. Exactly, I didn’t think so and this is why I am doing it. However, I feel that a new television show is needed and thus, I am creating a whole new one. Oh, I am excited and yes, a few days behind!

Well, I started writing and got tired so went to bed and then milled around on the web and ate food and then went to bed again. You know how it goes but I got the idea and all the small details and coming in thick and fast, in fact, I actually need to start again because it makes no sense but I have it now and it will be mine.

So, do you want to know what I’m doing? I will share a little bit but only the premise, nothing too deep because enough people are doing something similar as it is which I only realised after day one and reading through the forums at the scriptfrenzy website.

Okay, so the year is around 2500 and the Earth has been inhabited by people who look Elfish in appearance. Oh, we Earthlings are still around, we’re sharing the space as we have plenty. We pretty much have to anyway as they saved the Earth from exploding or something so we owe them. They are pretty nice but are hiding secrets… dun dun duuunnnn!

What? Oh come on, it sounds great. It would be shown on SyFy and would rake in all the reviews and make me famous and stuff. Well, I like it and the best bit is, come on, get ready for this, all those ideas for my stories, the one’s in my head, floating around, that get played out in scenes like films, yeah, those, I get to have them make sense now pus I like the people I have playing the characters. No idea who they are but they are great at acting, it’s like they are real or something.

Okay, enough with the wonderful ideas but yes, this is what I am doing this month. A great exercise that I hope may take me to places I have never dreamed of but until then, seeya. (Oh, come back soon and why not post your own ideas for scripts, I wont take them, promise 😉 )


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One Response to ScriptFrenzy 2011

  1. djbaroque says:

    Slight twinkles of boredom? — not here. I’m all ears for this. Granted, my sci-fi experience is limited and outside of Red Dwarf I know little of the genre. A brief flirtation with Douglas Adams (namely the Starship Titanic PC Game) and the odd famous movie scene or two and I’m all sci-fied out.

    The script has a solid start. You’ve setup the premise, the time, the location and you’ve also setup a backstory. We’ve got two groups of characters (Human and Elves) which automatically will generate mental imagery. There is oodles of potential here for storylines to develop and interwine. I shall have to keep my ear to the ground for this one!

    If you’re going to be script-writing, allow myself to recommend downloading Celtx. It’s a free piece of software which should be very handy. It will automatically arrange the script into the correct format, there are sections for notes, storyline ideas etc. We used to use it at university. I think it’d be great for you.

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