Feeling a little crampy

Hi there,

Yeah, possibly a little too much information there but it’s true, stomach pains are awful and I have no idea why they were invented. It isn’t like I don’t know why they are there because, and you will have to take it from me, I do. I am lucky that by taking the pill, I cut down the pain from seven days, yeah, you read it right, to just one so I’m not complaining that much but please, I would rather none!

So, apart from the rather detailed beginning, what else is there to say? To be honest, not much really although I have been having some really weird dreams. I couldn’t tell you what they are because I have all but forgotten them but they are really different.

I had one a few weeks ago that made no sense at all. Normally, you can kind of see where they get the ideas from. If youu have been watching tele, or been away or generally something scary happened, it would come in toyourr dreams but this one, I’ve no idea.

Okay, so I’m I a shop, it does graphics, such as signs and posters which apparently, I work in and is family owned. My sisters are there but they are doing nothing much and we’re leaving anyway. It’s sunny outside, I know that much but the shop is only a few roads away from where my Dad lives except he isn’t there, he’s away with my Mum, who is still alive. Anyway, we end up going to some motor shop or something, where an old friend of mine works (in the dream, have no idea if in real life) and apparently me and him know each other well. Everything is going okay but then suddenly, me and my sisters are in this van, which had old school benches in it. The van is now flying, falls apart but the benches are still attached to the front part of the van. I am hanging off the end, just holding on to a bench leg, we go past some beach and then it ends.

Yeah, I have no idea what it means either. It was all rather odd and came from no-where but I do like it when that happens. It makes for interesting explanation and the looks on people’s faces when you try and tell them about it. They really do find you weird after that!

So, what now, after that little rant. Apart from extreme laziness on my end, which as we know, is a big part of me now, I have no idea. Oh, I’ve been watching Dexter. I finished Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, CSI and Glee and needed something else to watch. You would think I would put all that effort into writing but I am a big let down on that side of me but never fear, I am aiming to improve, always aiming and hopefully, when my brain registers that the time for my life to move was sometime after I was born, it will get in gear, say ‘my bad, lets go’ and I’ll become somewhat normal or something.

Actually, I don’t want to be normal. It sounds boring but I do want to get somewhere in life and I think that I’ve had enough of not doing anything sensible. You know, I always take the easy route out of life and it hasn’t got me anywhere so really, if I paid attention, I should be working towards getting a life. Yeah, that sounds, well, hard and long and I am not complaining, sort of. Life is hard and long and it probably should be. You learn important lessons about stuff and become a better person. Yeah, I know all that stuff but looking at it from far away, when does it start to feel nearer, do you ever reach it or is it like one of those evil roads where everything just stays far away.

I don’t know, I may be making excuses, it sounds like something I would do but I think that if you look deeper into it, you can see my point. Since I got an exit out of this post, I shall leave it there, thanks for reading.

Oh, please leave any comments about what I’ve said, the more the merrier, as ‘they’ say.


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2 Responses to Feeling a little crampy

  1. djbaroque says:

    Something else to watch… I remember watching Mad Dogs recently. A 4 part mini-series which was absolutely cracking. It’s out on DVD/BD now also. Can I recommend either NCIS or The Mentalist also? Both great American crime-dramas. Like CSI, they spend the episode trying to solve X case or X thing, but they’re both really well made, The Mentalist especially.

    Being normal sucks too!

  2. Marianne says:

    Hi Paula, I found your blog through Daniel. I relate to your “about” page. I started my blog in early 2010 to journal the process of life-changing events. I found it’s a great way to keep track of where you’ve been and figure out where you’re going. Keep up the great work.

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