Last cooking class

Hi there,

Well, today was the last cooking class for the soups and salads and well, it went okay. No mishaps today but the food could have been better.

We made French Onion soup and the first half of Sticky Toffee Pudding. I say it was the first half because we were told to make the sauce at home. Since I don’t really like the sauce, I decided that a cake with just dates in it would be better.

The soup cooked well but the smell of it really put me off of it. The onions had to cook for an hour before all the other ingredients had to go in. It’s quite a process. I think the mustard powder put me off really because I like onions. I don’t know, maybe soup isn’t my thing.

I was told to put my name down for the new course and see if I’m lucky enough to get in. I think it is salads and summer desserts which would be quite tasty so I hope that happens. It would only be me though as the Eldest has to go back to work. If it didn’t make me live on the line, I could really do the no work thing but money is bare and that is bad.

On other news, the radio show is going fine but still no people requesting. I feel lonely sometimes but I get to play the music I want until people say otherwise!

Okay, so this only a short post today but that’s okay as I have many others to catch up on!


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