Harvester time

Hi there,

Well, today the middle sister was 34 years old and as we do for nearly every birthday, we went to the Harvester.

The birthday didn’t really get to a start until about half four because I had to go to job centre but I was late for it. Something had happened and so I couldn’t be there until about an hour and a half after my appointment. The lady was okay about it but said she couldn’t see me until half two so I went shopping and then went hone for food.

I bought the birthday girl two books from WHSmith. One was a cooking book and the other was a random creating book. Ideas to make random things from random bits from around the house. She liked them. My Dad got her a microwave, which she wanted and the Eldest got her a weekend away at a fitness spa or something. Her boyfriend got her a new bicycle, which was pretty.

As a family tradition, we go to a restaurant called ‘The Harvester’. It’s a brand rather than a one off but the food is filling and yummy. They give you free salad and really, all eyes are bigger then the stomachs when it comes down to it.

The Niece had made a cake, which was extremely tasty. It was a Victoria sponge and a bit wonky but the best cakes always are. She done a great job with the filling.

A good afternoon/evening was had by all and I think the Middle enjoyed herself which is what matters most.

We don’t have another birthday until July so we have to wait for another trip but really, we go out whenever we can and stuff ourselves silly, just like you should do.

Until tomorrow,


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