Another sleepy day

Hi there,

Well yes, by the guess of the title, I presume that this was another sleepy day. You might be wondering why I am guessing at what I did but there is a reason for it. I seem to have blanked that day out of my memory. I don’t think it happened for any precise reason but I think my laziness is now affecting my head as well as my body!

You see, as much as I really like not having to get up at a certain time or have any work schedules to finish, I miss having a reason to get up in the day. Now, I will be the first to admit that I would rather a job where I work in the evening as that is when I am most active but at the moment, any job would be nice.

Having the same empty day over and over sucks like hell but dreading having to get up at obscene hours of the day isn’t helping much either. I want to look forward to getting out there and earning money but I find that the Internet and TV sucks the life out of me and I’m not socialising much neither but I don’t really like doing that much anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I can chat until the cows come home but sometimes, it is nice to be left alone. I am very much one for liking my own company.

So, what else can I tell you? Well, ScriptFrenzy has pretty much come to a halt. I still have an idea but my life somewhat sucks when it comes to timed events and I think I should accept that now. Obviously, that can be a very negative thing but you have to work with what you have and live with what you don’t have so that’s what I am doing.

The only bad side to doing that is the fact that nothing gets done and most jobs want you to work to a time specific in mind or what they have told you. Ah well, my free spirit says to stuff it all and I think it’s about time I followed my own head for a while!


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