First Salad of the year

Hi there,

As you are all aware, it is April but here, where I live and perhaps a few other places too, the weather has started to get bright and sunny and warm. Now, England doesn’t get warm that often so we all seem to take advantage of the time although I am not a big fan of the heat. I prefer having a bit of breeze but not enough to give a chill, more to just take the edge off of the heat.

So, as the sun came out, all the family migrated over to my Dad’s place as he is the most central place plus he has a garden. It was time to break open the first Salad of 2011. It’s a big deal as salad is a spring favourite and easy to make plus it’s not all about the veg, you have slices of meat too and it’s all yummy.

It was nice to spend time with everyone although the Middle sister wasn’t there, she was off with the boyfriend so the Niece was being shared around by the family doing the babysitting duties. My part is tomorrow but I have discovered I have something else to do as well so that should be interesting. I shall report on all that tomorrow.

So, apart from having a salad, not much happened. Pretty quiet day really and a short post 🙂


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