A few days at my Dad’s place

Hi there,

So, I really dislike staying at my Dad’s place and I shall explain why. I am sure that a few years ago, the house tried to kill me off. Now, I know that sounds really odd but I swear, it’s true.

My Dad’s place has no central heating so Winter or any cold day, it is absolutely freezing and I mean Icebox cold. The ceiling is falling in, it has damp, the hot water goes off for days on end and generally, it doesn’t feel like it used to when I was younger but I suppose that is part of growing up and finding your own ‘home’.

Anyway, I slept horribly last night, the bed was uncomfortable and my feet were out at the end. The only bonus thing was that the place has curtains so I can sleep without being shined on, which is what happens at my place!

The Niece got up at half eight but I didn’t hear her. My alarm went off at half nine but when I got up, she was downstairs watching TV and not talking to me. I got the silent treatment but later was told it was nothing.

After the Middle sister came to pick her up, I decided that it was still bed time so went back to sleep. My Dad got up at one and had to wake me up, which he didn’t seem happy about but he didn’t complain either.

I was waiting around as the Best Friend was being checked out of hospital with her brand new, just baked baby. Aw, welcome to the world Best Friend’s third baby, Auntie Paula will be round soon!

So, I didn’t hear back from the Best Friend but I think she’s okay, I shall report back soon as and when I see her but apart from that, my day ended and I went home to my own bed and I could tell it had missed me 🙂


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