BBQ Achieved

Hi there,

Well, another lovely day and another day to try and get a BBQ done. Just like the salad, it is a right of passage for the BBQ to be done on the first sunniest day possible. It is almost always done on a weekend as people can get together unless of course, you are out of work or perhaps off work for broken bones like the Eldest is.

So, it wasn’t due to start until the late afternoon so I headed there once I managed to wake myself up and everything was going fine until one thing, the sky turned grey and not just your average sun cover, no, this was rain grey and rain it did, hard.

I was on the bus going to my Dad’s place when it happened. I had almost got there but the cloud was faster and it decided to be funny. The stop before I got off, the rain landed on the window, first slowly and then it got loud and fast and wet, very very wet.

I got off the bus and ran into the train station and called my Dad to home and get me. Even though it was nice to get cooler weather, I dislike being damp so I needed travel cover. He wasn’t going to do it but I don’t think he wanted me to moan so he did, thankfully.

Now, anyone normal would give up on the whole BBQ thing when rain happens but not my sister, she did it under the summer umbrella and after a while, the rain went away and the burgers and sausages cooked nicely. They were very filling and the whole thing went off with a bang.

I was only there for a couple of hours and then I came back home again. I have decided that bus travel sucks the life out of me and I don’t like it, thank you!


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