Emergency baby sitting duties

Hi there,

So today I received an unexpected phone call from the Best Friend who needed some help. As I reported a couple of days ago, she has just given birth to her third baby, a boy. He is fine and everything is well apart from the fact that he is a bit yellow. He has a little bit of Jaundice and needed to get checked out at the hospital. That is all fine but her other kids are sick and need to be looked after while she goes and this is where I come in.

She had tried to get other people so I was her last thought but at least she thought of me and I like that and didn’t mind, plus I got to see the baby. I even got a taxi, in the form of her boyfriend, so I didn’t take forever by getting the bus as she lives about an hour and a half away when doing so.

As a side note, I really think I should have some transport other that the bus because it takes forever to get anywhere!

Anyway, I got there, they go off and I spend the next few hours looking after sick kids. They were good though, chatting away, playing with play-doh and all sorts. Just a normal day for kids with germs, I suppose.

The baby is fine, he just needs some sunlight and should stop turning into a lemon. He’s quite cute but doesn’t like me which is a shame. All the time I was there, he made no sound until I held him. He just didn’t appreciate being passed from pillow to post and was hungry too.

Ah well, maybe when I have my own babies, I can set them to cry on cue when people hold them. Like training cats to pounce on people when they come through the front door!

So yes, I stayed for dinner and then went off to do my show at the hospital, which was good but still no requests. I really have to get there earlier so I can go around the wards letting people know I am on the thing otherwise I am playing music to myself, which isn’t bad but is missing the point!


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