I need to go hunting for food

Hi there,

Today is the day I need to go to the shop and buy food as my cupboard is bare however, I can’t be bothered. The laziness has struck again and his time, it wants to starve me.

I don’t know what is happening to me. All I want to do is sit and veg and do nothing. It’s like I am turning into part of the furniture and with the state of the flat, you soon won’t be able to find me. I seriously need to get off my behind and clean up or maybe just move or something. I hate feeling so lethargic although I am not helping things by not even trying, I need someone to come and tell me what to do, that would work.

If I had a car, I know I would be better off. Yes, it wouldn’t get me fit but I would be able to go places without feeling so trapped. I think that is what a big problem of mine is, I feel I can’t get anywhere without waiting around for buses and the heat and getting sneezed on and what have you. I don’t like having to hang around for stuff, it puts me off doing anything plus the local supermarket that I can walk to is rubbish. It has nothing I want when I go and the other one is a bus ride away plus the bags are heavy when I go.

I believe I am full of complaints today, which is great. I didn’t sleep too well and had a bit of a stomach ache when I woke up when I went but that may be from the cider I had last night. Anything is possible but I thankfully don’t get ill after drinking any more unless I have loads. I only had three pints plus my dodgy chicken burger afterwards but it couldn’t be that, could it?

So yes, I’m not going to move, I shall starve instead although I have stuff to eat, it will just mean being inventive instead.


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