Still feeling odd

Hi there,

A quick update on how I am doing so this will be a short post as I am still not feeling well.

I am much better than yesterday as thee stomach ache has finally gone but now I feel all weird inside. The best way to describe it is this, when you feel shivery and if something touches you and you cringe away, that is what is happening to me right now. Never fear though as my Dad came to see me today even though I wasn’t going to let him in as he doesn’t like seeing my flat in such a bad state.

I also woke up in a bad mood as the Middle sister decided to play around by texting my mobile and then doing the same to my house phone which made it ring every 20 minutes until I answered it but even when I rang her, she wouldn’t tell me what she wanted. I don’t like it when she doesn’t get to the point and mucks around too much especially when I don’t feel well.

Anyway, I feel better and managed to get out of the house to get some food which I wrote about the other day. I just felt light headed whilst doing so but I think I may be dehydrated or something so that’s fun.


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