Feeling better today

Hi there,

I am feeling myself now, thankfully. It was pretty lose though as I felt very rough indeed. The Best Friend said it could be a delayed hangover but I doubt that. It must have been some 48 hour bug of some kind, the Cider wouldn’t do this to me, it likes me visiting.

Anyway, yes, so over the past few days I have done next to nothing, which is no different to normal days really apart from getting weird pains every few moments!

Oh, I’ll tell you what I discovered yesterday. My pills ran out and I need a doctors appointment to get more so that’s great as they aren’t open until Monday and I don’t think an appointment will be available straight away, I’m not that lucky.

Never mind, I seem to be okay but I’m watching out for web mouth and other sickly signs. I hope I’m okay though. I know I have my actual appointment with the hospital next month to check to see how I am getting on. I know I still need the medicine as I still sometimes get the feeling of mouth weirdness so it hasn’t gone, not from what I gather anyway and if it has, it will most likely be back as it’s supposed to be life long or something. Yay for being ill and possibly unhealthy for life!

Given that, I am in an okay mood, nothing like the other day unless I think about it and then I get a little angry so I’m trying my best. Anyway, that’s all I have for now so until tomorrow,


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