Lots of meetings

Hi there,

Well today was another day for meetings at the hospital radio and wow, was it long.

We had two different meetings to get through, so I took a pack lunch to keep me going as breakfast didn’t happen for me.

Now, in case you didn’t know, the hospital radio is a charity and as such, it needs to work to a constitution. Now, the one in place had been there for a while and needed updating so an hour and a half way spent agreeing to different parts of the changes to that. It all went on for a while and as much as it was needed, it was slightly boring too.

Next up was the proper monthly meeting and that also took around an hour and a half. Most of it was reading the previous meetings notes. It just drained on for a little too long but we eventually got it done and don’t have another for until next month.

After that, I went to my Dad’s place. I didn’t need to go and he didn’t know I was going round but since I was near, I thought I would do it anyway. It did mean that I missed the writers chat that happened on twitter but never fear, there is always next week although that is Easter Sunday so I don’t know.

Yes, so a long day was had but was described in such a short post. Ah well, never mind. I’m off to watch some more Eureka, that show is brilliant.


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