Bills to pay, really need a job now

Hi there,

Well, it’s happened, I’ve finally caught up with my zero bank balance. I got a letter in the post saying one of my bills had been returned so I should pay it before everything gets turned off. It was my TV/Internet/Phone bill. I’ve been thinking for a while to cancel my TV package for a while now so I rang up, paid the bill and then went down to the lowest package which cuts the bill down by around a third.

That still isn’t very good but it will hopefully be better than what I have been having plus I really need it for the Internet more than anything. This really tells me something though, I need to get a job.

I know the Census job is coming through soon but that will give me hardly anything so I need to step up my act if I want to be able to live. Ah well, it was about time to get extremely serious anyway, I just didn’t want it to happen in such a way but it must have needed to.

Sucks to be unemployed,


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One Response to Bills to pay, really need a job now

  1. djbaroque says:

    I can totally sympathise with this.

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