Decision time

Hi there,

So, you might be wondering what I have to decide. Could it be the job to apply for? Well, yes that is an issue but that is not what I am on about. How about whether or not to write back to those who have contacted me on the dating site? Ah, yes, I forgot all about those, which is a few by the way, all just asking me how I am but that is a start. No, next one. Okay, how about whether or not to become the Secretary for the radio show or join the fund-raising office and help her and then maybe in January next ear do Secretary? Yes, good guess.

I am still a little unsure or at least I was until I really thought about it. I can still do a little bit of the duties as Secretary as it kind of mixes in with the fund-raising post so I wont be missing out. I just hope I enjoy doing helping out, plus it will get me out more.

Oh, the radio show went okay. Thee phones were silent still but the music was great, I really enjoyed it. I’m covering somebody else’s show on Friday as they will be off sunning themselves so I get to ruin his show. His training person should be there too so I’ll finally get to meet him. Yay.

So yes, I left the decision with the person who does fund-raising and she said she would let me know soon. It will be good to get the experience and maybe use it for something else. It may help get me a job or something.

On the job front, well, I don’t know, there are so many office job to apply for, I don’t know how to choose and I wish that was an exaggeration. So many jobs, so much competition, I don’t know, it just sucks.


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