Heavy heavy bags

Hi there,

So, today was Census start day so I’m finally going to start getting money in, the only fail is that it will cancel out my job seeker’s which means I get a teeny bit more cash which is then taken by tax, yes!

I also have no idea what that will do to my rent or council tax as the government pay mine at the moment so that will be fun when they come to take it all.

This is why people find it better to be on benefits because in most ways, it outweighs the normal way of going out and working instead. You get to stay home, watch TV and veg whilst being handed cash.

I want to work though so I’m not happy that all the cash will be sucked out via tax and what have you. It’s a right put off for getting proper work. Plus, this is only 15 hours so hardly anything but you take what you can get.

Yes, so with it being roasting in the day and cold in the evening, I decided against taking my coat as I didn’t need it and good thing too. At the meeting, I met the other people, they are nice and friendly and had a chat with my boss. He’s nice enough and means well. We went through everything and he gave me this right heavy bag to take home and around with me when I go out bugging people.

Plus I went shopping when the meeting happened and then I fell asleep on the bus home. Oh yes, more bus talk, I know you could feel it coming.

The place I’m covering is near the hospital, which is an hour away fro me but there you go, the buses love me, not.

I wont rant on about it, I promise but the whole combination of the handbag, Census bag and shopping really made me feel like I might hurt in the morning, which is fun.

I get out on the road tomorrow, pacing the pavements and hoping the people open the door. I shall tell you all about it tomorrow, promise.


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