Buses and census

Hi there,

Oh yes, another story about buses, the census and general pap that I come up with. Can you see that I am getting sick of repeating myself but it’s the only thing I can talk about.

I would be talking about writing but since I’ve not done any for a long time, it would be pointless. I’ll get back to it eventually but that isn’t the subject for today. Nope, today I took several buses to get to where I was going and then hit the pavement trying to get people to fill in their Census form. I have no idea why it’s so difficult for people who work and play and whatever but they must have just as bad as memory as me although I did mine so I’m good.

As it was my first day, I went out with my boss who came around with me for about an hour just to make sure I was okay. It only took a few minutes to get the hang of it and I was fine. It was handy he had a key though to get into all the flats otherwise hardly any would be knocked on.

I was out for two hours and then the bag took its toll on me and I wanted to go home so I did. I don’t like walking around much but I suppose I will get used to it plus it is only for two weeks and then it ends.

I still have some stupid form to fill in for the job centre about the job but that can wait until Tuesday, I hope.


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