Good Friday and Eggs

Hi there,

So today is Good Friday and as we all know, that means that Easter is almost upon us. Being a Catholic, I appreciate both sides of the picture. On one side we have the crucifixion of Jesus and on the other, we have two days until the bunny comes along and leaves eggs for us, except he doesn’t, not for me.

No, today is Easter Sunday in all types of being except date and actual egg eating. Now, you may wonder why this is and I shall tell you, the Middle Sister and Niece are going away and wont be around to swap eggs so we did it today instead.

Since I gave up chocolate for Lent, I will be waiting until Sunday to crack them open and to be honest, I can’t wait. I missed the tasty goodness so I’m glad the 40 days went by so fast. I really should have made some kind of writing thing for Lent but instead of giving it up, do it more and then I may have gotten somewhere on my ScriptFrenzy but never mind. Easter is all about starting over and believing in yourself so it is never too late to start doing it.

I’ve been invited to my Dad’s place for Easter dinner so it will be us and Bonnie, like last year but that’s okay, his dinners are out of this world so I’m happy I have somewhere to go. I may even take my netbook and have a go at writing something if the TV isn’t too interesting.

Happy Good Friday all,


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