Thunderstorms and Doctor Who

Hi there,

Well, today was uneventful in some ways. It was too hot to go out and do the Census but that’s okay, I have all next week to go out and cover 15 hours so I’m not missing anything. The hours are kind of pick-your-own which is quite good.

So today I sat in, watching Eureka but I caught up which means I need another show to find although I might do the whip round to make sure I haven’t missed any from those updating in the past few weeks.

Other than that, the only thing to say is that the new Dr Who series started with a bang today and it was okay. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Matt Smith and it took me ages to have him feel like the Dr but now, he kind of fits it but as we all know, David Tennant was very good at it so he has big shoes to feel in different ways. I wouldn’t want to be him, let me tell you.

I’m not going to do spoilers as I know people across the world are waiting for it and I’m not that cruel, go somewhere else for all that. I don’t do spoilers unless someone really convinces me that they want to know and even then, I feel bad. You see, I can write stories but to say them out loud, no, they sound rubbish. Just watch it when you can, okay!

Yes, as I’ve said before, the weather we’ve been having in the last week or so has been melting conditions and really uncomfortable but today the most amazing thunderstorm happened and it was really beautiful to see. It would have been better in the dark but it still stood out. Haven’t had that much lightning in a long while. It was still happening throughout Dr Who but soon calmed down. The rain was very heavy too and the sky a nice grey but it didn’t cool down. Nope, as I’m writing this, I’m still very warm indeed which is okay as long as I don’t move.

I hope it cools down soon.

Oh, and happy Saint George’s day 🙂 Go slay a dragon for him.


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