So I nearly did something crazy

Hi there,

Yes, today was my crazy day moment which I haven’t had for a while. I shall explain what happened.

So, I went to my Census meeting which is in a town that has shops and a market. Anyway, I got there a little late but generally made the meeting as I didn’t miss much. It was just the people going through good things that had happened to them rather than anything negative. After that, we went through the folders and got bits of cards and just normal Census stuff, nothing too exciting.

Anyway, since it was such a nice day out and knowing the Eldest sister had finished work at 1pm, I rang her to ask what she was up to. I was trying to bag an invite to a BBQ or something but that didn’t happen. Instead, she said was going shoe shopping in town, the one I happened to be in. I told her I would wait around for her as I wanted to browse the shops anyway and she was going to be a while.

So yes, I started to look around and decided I would go into a phone shop. Now, I have been going on to people that I really want a HTC phone. I have no idea why but I really want a smart phone and that make seems so attractive. Anyway, this shop has a deal on at the moment for that phone on a £12 deal for a month. The minutes are small so are the texts but it has unlimited web access so I decided to go for it. There is one small problem though, I would most likely fail the credit check. Yes, I have quite a bad credit history which I cant change right this minute. It was still worth a go anyway.

So, after standing around while, I got the attention of a Lady and told her what I wanted and that it may not happen. We sat down anyway and she typed in all my details. After a few minutes, she told me that I had failed a security check, not the credit check because she had put the card details in wrong. She told me to go back in six weeks and maybe try again. I was a little bit miffed but she said I could try and do it online instead.

Well, after all this time, my sister called me and we met up and she dragged me around Primark for a long time which annoyed me as I dislike clothes shopping big time. However, I bought some new pj’s which have cows on them so I was happy.

The Eldest then bought me dinner and some Cider, which were both yummy. It was the Kopperberg Summer Fruits, a nice sparkly pink Cider. It doesn’t taste like the normal stuff, it’s very sweet, like watered down cherryade.

Yes, so when I went home, I actually took some time to wonder whether or not to try and get that phone online and after much thought, I went for it. I have to wait for the confirmation but I could be getting a new phone, yay. I hope so but I wont be surprised if they say no.

I’ll let you know what happens.


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