An hour’s travel for a burger

Hi there,

So you might be wondering why anyone would travel so far to gt some food and you would be right, I didn’t do it on purpose, well, kind of.

Here’s the story. So I went to do some Census stuff as I have many hours to catch up on. I still didn’t leave very early and had to go to Superdrug to put in my prescription for my stomach acid mediation that I have missed for the last week and a bit. Anyway, doing that made me miss the bus I needed to catch but that’s okay because it’s one of those buses that comes every ten minutes, usually.

Yeah, this is another fault with the whole bus travel law thing. The buses only come when you don’t really want them. When you do want them though, they never turn up. In a hurry? Is it raining? Legs aching? Nope, you have to wait there now and suffer it.

45 minutes I and other people had to wait for no reason at all, it seems for this bus so really, the travel took an hour and 45 minutes but whose counting, right?

Yeah, so I got into the area but I was starving so I went into Burger King and stuffed myself silly. It was nice and a treat as I only have BK when I am in the mood for it, which is quite rare.

So yeah, after that, I did about half an hour of Census and then went home because it was cold and I got bored.

Oh, still no word about the phone and now it’s another bank holiday so I doubt I’ll hear about it tomorrow either but we’ll wait and see.


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