Two people got married and the whole world watched

Hi there,

Well yes, of course I am going to mention the big royal wedding, why wouldn’t I. I was supposed to go down to the mall and join my family on the streets of the mall but I didn’t get up in time and anyway, they couldn’t see the wedding, just hear it and I wanted to watch it and see everything, so I did.

I got up in time to see most of the royals get to the church and hear all the comments on the dresses and how nervous Prince William must be. It was fantastic to see it all as if you were there yourself.

The wedding service was really sweet and surprisingly short. I always thought they went on forever when doing a church wedding but apparently not. I’ve only been to one wedding, which was last year and that was in a registry office. It was still good but it was different, no hymns or anything and it was quite quick, about 20 minutes.

Anyway, the wedding today was sweet and loving. You can tell they really love each other and she was so welcomed by the crowd and generally everyone. I am sure she will do great things for the Royals.

Of course, the big thing was the balcony appearance and the kiss. Would they or not, do what his Mother and Father had done 30 years before and they did one better, two kisses which pleased everyone watching. It was so sweet and done so shyly, just like a normal newly wedded couple. Lovely.

I for one am glad I was able to watch such an event filled with much love and happiness, which is something the world really needs at the moment.

Congrats to Wills and Kate, may your love be forever and strong.


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