Still celebrating, kind of

Hi there,

Okay, so the title is a lie, I wasn’t celebrating, I was having another lazy day but I didn’t to sound bad as I do it too often. I don’t know, it is just easier to do nothing than get up and do stuff that you know you must do.

I only got dressed because I needed food and decided to have chips. That’s right, the cupboard is bare and I can’t be bothered to go out and get anything.

Apart from it being complete laziness, I know it’s because I don’t have a car to use to go out and go places. I think I would be so much more willing if I had a vehicle of some kind. My sister has suggested using a push bike but I’m not sure my knees would like it. I have knocked knees and they tense up every other day so cycling may be a bad idea as they make knock again. It’s a big worry of mine and has caused me to avoid everything fun, just in case they go weak. It will mean six weeks in a cast if they did go.

I may try it anyway, as a test because it may do them good instead and build up the muscles in my legs and maybe help me get fit, which would be a good thing. I would probably get those knee protectors that sports people use, just in case as that would hold them together in that case. I don’t know what to do really. I will have to do it eventually I suppose.

So, it’s also the last day of April so let’s recap on what happened:

  • I failed Script Frenzy – No surprise there
  • I got a temporary job but kind of fail at that too – See above
  • Still have no money
  • I’m lacking at this Blogging lark
  • I’ve decided that I always sound like I’m depressed when I’m not, promise

That’s about it, I think. I don’t believe I had any specific goals this month but I shall have to decide on what to aim for next month, something good and perhaps something I can actually keep to!

No news is good news on the whole phone thing, although in this case, it’s more annoying than anything, I just want to know!


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