Happy May Day

Hi there,

So, it’s the 1st of May and that means I need a list of goals to fail. I was thinking about it last night whilst trying to get to sleep and decided that I have to do something about this lifestyle I have been leading. I have to get rid of it, start afresh, a new chapter, or something.

I went through my head about the different ways I could do it and thought the timetable thing was the best idea. Write down the times and things to do and then just stick to it. After a while, it has to get to be a routine, right?

So, what do I need to do to complete such a thing:

  • A spreadsheet with hours and days of the week on it
  • A list of things that needs to be done, each with different levels of needs
  • Something to persuade me to stick to it, an end goal of some kind
  • A kick up the bum
  • Maybe some hypnosis, kept as plan B, just in case

So, when do I start this great plan, today? Well, that would be a good idea but I have a feeling I need to mull it over and as I’ve been feeling the arty feeling building up and my want of building a website comes back, it may be put in the back of the list or maybe come in to use when such a thing arises, I don’t know yet. I do believe it will happen sometime this month though, as I have written to be so now!

In other news, I spent an hour doing Census stuff today. While doing that, I spoke to my Dad and after much tempting, managed to work out that another dinner was available so I hopped on a bus and went for another delicious dinner. It was very nice indeed and I don’t think I have ever had a bad word about the ford he has cooked for me unless it was chicken thighs or broad beans. Both of which are not very nice!

So yes, a very thought provoking day, which was nice. I wish it happened more often.

Ah, before I forget, I have an update about the phone. I didn’t get the email I was waiting for so I rang them up. Okay, so they said they had sent the email but they didn’t because I spent the last few days hitting refresh every ten minutes just to see. Anyway, listen to this, it’s amazing, in such a bad way!

So, as I said the other day, the phone contract is for £12 a month, for 24 months, working out to £240 altogether. Okay, so the actual phone to buy on pay and go is £179.99 without top up. Again, that’s fair enough, so what’s the big deal. Yeah, I an have the phone if I pay them £350 up front as a deposit… Oh yes, dear reader, you read that clearly. They want me to pay almost double the price of the phone BEFORE I pay the contract. Yeah, I don’t get it either but there you go. Sadly, I turned that down because that is just silly.

So, no phone for me then, right? Wrong. I rang up Virgin Media, who I have my TV with and went through the whole palaver of it all. They have the same phone, crap minutes and texts and only 500mb of web but I really want this phone now and if I get a job before I die old, I might get a better deal. Oh yes dear reader, within ten minutes on the phone to this Indian Lady who had an American twinge in her accent, and I have the phone in the post for £12.50 a month. Get in. That made me happy and cancelled out my feelings towards that other phone shop!


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