Something big has happened today

Hi there,

Okay, so I know this is going to be a big thing on almost every website known to man but it does have to be said, even if it just a small mention. When I put on facebook today, I saw status updates about how the American forces had found and killed in a 40 minute fight Osama Bin Laden.

Now, this is not a religious blog nor is it about war or terrorism or anything to do with negativity unless it is my own but like I said, it is a big thing and I do have a small opinion about it.

So they found him after years of trying and because he wouldn’t give up, they killed him. It is a great success but it comes with lots of low points. He wasn’t alone in doing the September 11th attacks nor the 7th July attacks on London so the fight mustn’t stop here. Neither was he in charge any more when they found him yesterday, all him retired, afraid or anything thing else but he hasn’t been in charge for a very long time.

As much as he needed to be found and as much as it was good, the actions of the men who dealt with the body afterwards must be thought of too. Now, none of us know what was said to him when dead but we can probably guess it was of adult nature but they dealt with him the way he should have been dealt with. OBL never liked nay probably hated other religions but he was given an Islamic funeral, done swiftly in 24 hours and sent to live with the fishes and I believe that this was the best place for him.

Why? Well, now no-one can turn his place of burial into a shrine, which would have happened, somehow. Plus what country in there right mind would want the worlds number one wanted criminal buried in there land? Exactly.

OBL was a man and was treated like one even if he didn’t do so for others but now he is gone, we must focus on those who still aim to terrorise us and make others look bad. It may never end but we cannot give up otherwise those poor people who dies in New York, Washington, London, Bali, Mumbai, would have done so without any justice being given to them. Many can start to rest in peace and maybe give hope to the families that it can be done. We just have to hope that we can save any more acts from happening although it is already being reported that bad things will happen. We will have to wait and see.

Oh, and one more thing. I respect anyone’s opinion on everything so if you don’t agree with this than fair enough but please, all those theories about him die-ing years ago and Obama releasing it now just to look good, don’t be fools. No way could anyone get away with such a thing, no way. Unless he admits it, writes it on paper and signs in blood would I even start to believe it. I am not an American and I can’t say I understand the politics of it all but seriously? No.

Okay, that’s enough of the war on life, let’s move on as we all still have ours to live and get negative about.

So, other than that, and if you are still reading, thanks for staying with me, I was out doing Census stuff for two hours today. The supervisor came round with me even though I suspect he didn’t really want to. It was okay.

That’s about it really, nothing else happened and that rant about war has taken it out of me so I’ll leave it there for today.


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