All that time for an envelope

Hi there,

So today I got over excited for no reason. You see, I thought my phone was being delivered a day earlier than predicted but it turns out that it wasn’t and I fel sad about that, well, not sad, just a bit let down. I did get a parcel which needed to be signed for but it was just an envelope and not a box, which is what I was expecting.

Last night, whilst keeping an eye on my emails for any notification that something might happen, I noticed one that said the delivery was on it’s way and would be with me today, a day early. Oh I didn’t believe it to begin with but the tracking was proving that it was true, something was heading my way and would be in my hands to play with. I was so happy. Yay, my new play thing. No, no it wasn’t.

The man came just after 2pm and buzzed on my door. I answer it with great hope and he said he was from UPS, the delivery people. Woop, great, just what I was expecting. So, up he comes, in thee lift and up to the tenth floor to see me with a great smile on my face and he hands me an A4 envelope.

Oh, the smile went, which he must have noticed because he didn’t stick around. He got his signature and was away in his giant van, leaving me with this thing.

Oh, it was okay, I suppose. It was some phone sim, a pay and go one from Virgin that I had got sucked into getting along with the phone so it was still something but not what I was really looking forward to.

Never fear though, I got another email saying that I have another delivery due for tomorrow but I have a feeling I will miss it due to the Census meeting and the job centre so I will just have to wait and see if it comes before I leave. It has until 1pm so it might do.

Anyway, the radio show went well. No requests, again but I had plenty of company this week. Three people came in to the studio so at the end of it, we went to the pub. Oh how I miss these evenings. It was fun and I got to drink some Summer Fruits Kopperberg as it’s quite yummy. Oh, and of course I got my dinner of what I have no named ‘drunken chicken shop’. And that was delish too.

So yes, a very slow day with quite a busy evening. It turns out I am now covering a show on Saturday now and as of nest Tuesday, I’ll be training someone. Woo, I must be getting good at this radio presenter lark and I couldn’t be happier, unless of course my phone had come, that would have been the cherry on it all.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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